The Buddhist and the Pagan Podcast Season One

The Buddhist and the Pagan is about two compassionate leadership experts: one brown, one white, one a millennial, one a boomer, one a Buddhist, and the other a Pagan. We are Uvinie and Laurel, and our purpose is to have quirky, compassionate conversations about two women who are just trying to figure it out while sharing wisdom along the way. We tackle concepts that are central to our existence and discuss practices to reconnect to the kindness of our soul.

The Buddhist and The Pagan Season Finale: Finding Your Inner Contentment, Episode 17

We all have stories that we consciously or unconsciously use to shape our lives. In this episode, we discuss how we can become aware of those stories, how we can choose them to bring greater satisfaction into our lives, and how this satisfaction leads to extraordinary contentment. We wrap up the episode with gratitude for each other and the insights we’ve gained through the podcast this year. 

Let’s Celebrate “Doing” and Talking Trees: The Buddhist and The Pagan Episode 16

Uvinie and Laurel talk about lessons learned from a pinnacle work experience, an Asian TV character and trees.  They also explore giving and getting feedback, the downside of continuous improvement and Uvinie’s experience of living on the west coast in this very difficult fire season. The episode concludes with a simple and calming breathing practice.

Being Who You Are and Embracing Change: The Buddhist and The Pagan Episode 15

In this episode, we discuss how being who you are doesn’t mean sticking to an imputed, fixed personality, and how it actually means authentically relating to what life brings as it constantly changes. We also discuss the importance of self-compassion when you’re not ready for change.

Holding on to Friends and Joy in Challenging Times: The Buddhist and The Pagan Episode 14

In this episode, Uvinie and Laurel chat about the importance of authentic relationships and the practice of looking for and celebrating blessings despite the difficulties you and others are facing. 

Exploring Free Will, Patterns and Reincarnation: The Buddhist and The Pagan Episode 13

In this episode, Uvinie and Laurel discuss the concept of free will as it relates to choices, spiritual practices, and overcoming addictions.  They also share personal experiences of what past life memories may feel like in this lifetime. 

Creative Vacation Ideas in the Time of the Pandemic and Being Gentle with Yourself: The Buddhist and The Pagan Episode 12

In this episode, we explore what taking a vacation actually means and new and fun ways to craft experiences that will provide a break while staying safe. We also explore the challenges of being gentle with yourself and techniques to use when difficult emotions arise.

Managing Energy and What to Do When Someone’s Not Wearing a Mask: The Buddhist and The Pagan Episode 11

In this episode, we explore energy, where it comes from, and how we can use different techniques to level up. Next, we explore our response to real challenges brought by the pandemic and how we navigate relationships during this difficult time. 

Food as a Spiritual Path: The Buddhist and The Pagan Podcast Episode 10

In this episode, we explore our relationship with food and how and what we eat reflects our deeper attachments and fears. We share our personal histories with food as well as key practices we can incorporate into our daily lives to shift to a healthier place. 

Q&A with The Buddhist and The Pagan: Podcast Episode 9

In this episode, we share the recording of our live event where we answered questions from our listeners. We discuss how we started, how we each incorporate spiritual practice into our work and our lives, and our favorite books on spirituality and other topics. 

Honoring the Dead and Inviting the Divine: Podcast Episode 8

In this episode, we explore ways to honor the passing of loved ones and practices for making every day and every conversation count. We then discuss the opportunity to pause and invite the divine into our work.

The Seasons, Sweat Lodges and Honoring Wisdom Keepers: Podcast Episode 7

In this episode, we discuss our relationship with the natural world, the power of lineage, and loving our spiritual teachers.

Dream Yoga and Wielding Fierce Compassion: Podcast Episode 6

In this episode, we discuss techniques for lucid dreaming, a perspective on dream interpretation, the challenges of helping and asking for help, and the art and practice of wielding fierce compassion.

Finding Freedom Within Your Box and the Writer Archetype: Podcast Episode 5

In this episode, we discuss meteor showers, becoming an “adult,” how we interact with time and commitment, and our journeys to becoming writers

Good Vibes And Hospitality: Podcast Episode 4

In this episode, we discuss how places and objects influence our minds and share personal stories about college and offering genuine hospitality. Unscripted, unedited and free form.

The Beauty of Boredom and Rejection: Podcast Episode 3

In this episode, we discuss the myth of boredom, perfectionism, and rejection and how comfort and joy is a unique possibility in a time of crisis.

Finding Your Ground When Facing Fear: The Buddhist and The Pagan Podcast Episode Two

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Uvinie and Laurel discuss perspectives and practices for how to deal with social distancing, uncertainty, and fear. 

The Buddhist and The Pagan is here: Welcome to our Inaugural Podcast Episode

Welcome to the first episode where my podcast partner, Uvinie Lubecki and I discuss compassion, calling and coronavirus from San Francisco. We offer practices to make your life more open-hearted at this difficult time.