Dr. David CorsunDirector & Associate Professor, College of Business, University of Denver

“Pivot with Purpose really helped our graduating seniors identify what’s important to them and what they want to pursue for work. I’m confident that their paths through the job-hunting season will be less anxiety-producing and more rewarding thanks to Laurel and her team who do terrific work.”

Jamie Joshua, Esq. – Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

“Compassionate Leaders Circle’s ‘Be a Remarkable Leader’ program was a good fit for the Cornell College of Business staff. Laurel and Shamis created a safe space at the beginning of the workshop. Participants were comfortable sharing their own thoughts and feelings and were willing to engage in the content intentionally. The feedback survey shows that the information was well received. I look forward to partnering together again.”

Dr Cheri YoungAssociate Professor, College of Business, University of Denver

“College students spend four years (or more) getting ready for a career, but when their graduation date appears on the horizon, panic can set in.  Pivot with Purpose gave our graduating seniors an opportunity to catch their breath, evaluate, dream, and create a vision for their future.  It also provided them with the courage to face the beautiful unknown and the tools to navigate it.” 

Cynthia Saunders-Cheatham – Assistant Dean of Career Management at Cornell University

[CLC provided] a Compassionate Leadership training for the staff at Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business. The staff was fully engaged throughout the session. We were empowered to develop our journeys to get from sympathy to empathy and ultimately, to compassion. We each left with three action steps to support self-compassion and compassion for others. I still frequently refer to these action steps to make sure that I am on track. 

Cara CostellaDirector, MBA Alumni Career Management, The Wharton School

“Compassionate Leaders Circle thoughtfully presented an interactive virtual workshop training for Wharton Women’s Circles alumnae leaders to facilitate remarkable conversations about purpose. Their approach is based on proven research, providing applicable tools in an engaging, groundbreaking way.”

Pivot with Purpose

Kate Mashburn – Financial Accountant

“The program facilitated my transition from working at a job that stressed me out to having one with normal working hours, better health and more time to have the life I now love. Without the program, I would probably be working in the same field, working for different people and having the same stresses.”

Dan Guerra, Psy.D.Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, World-Traveler

“I was grateful that (Pivot with Purpose enabled me) to develop a clear vision and action plan for my next work steps.”

Barbara Novak – Transformational Life Coach

“Through active engagement in Pivot with Purpose’s workbook exercises, online course participation, and peer partner sharing I became clear about and reignited my passions, identified my vision, and began to create a plan for moving forward. Laurel and Kelly are wonderful, supportive, and insightful facilitators. I highly recommend this program.”

Beth Levin – Hospitality Professional 

“Most people just cannot go through a big change and/or major shift alone. Nice to feel supported, encouraged to think outside the lines, and be held accountable to make your life what you want or dreamed it could be. A diverse group of souls all connected by our time spent far above Cayuga’s waters. Reassuring to know that one is not alone while searching during their journey to career and life enlightenment. Despite different backgrounds, locations, interests, and generations we all came together for a common goal and cheered each other on. Totally worth taking the course to make you ask yourself the hard questions and spring you into action and with a plan.”

Lead with Love

Alastair Onglingswan – Founder, Green Soul Shoes

“The problem with my life was that I was so busy but I lacked purpose, I lacked a clear path to where I wanted to go. The way the program is designed – looking at your past, your present, your future – is so beautifully done.”

Katelyn Johnson – Mission-driven Thought Leader

“Laurel is an intuitive coach who is able to help her clients dig deep within themselves to build the careers and lives that bring them the most joy. My work with Laurel helped me define my professional values, organize my dreams into actionable plans, and encouraged me to bring my whole self to any work that I do. Laurel is supportive, direct, and able to help her clients make their dreams a reality.”

Andrea ShawAssistant Dean, Marketing and Communications, College of Business, Santa Clara University

“I am a certified trainer of The Donnellan Method and am currently working with Compassionate Leaders Circle to bring this program to students and alumni across systems. Recently, Laurel did a program for my team. The impact and feedback were amazing. She is a master curriculum developer, program designer, and facilitator.”

Dr. Ruthann RussoTEDx Speaker, and Sustainable Self-care Programs and Trainings

“I have worked with Laurel as an executive and life coach as well as a trusted advisor. Not only is she creative, caring, and highly skilled at navigating her coaches through major life changes, her knowledge of entrepreneurialism, business development, marketing, and product development is impressive! She is a selfless guide who brings out the best in her clients.”

Coach with Courage

Crystal KadakiaFuture of Work & Millennial TEDx Speaker. MSOD. Organization Development Consultant. Workplace Culture for a Digital Age

“Laurel takes coaching to a new level – I’ve had the privilege of being her client as well as working with her. She is a great teacher with terrific vision and insight. She is creating a fantastic organization that truly values authenticity and benefits organizations and individuals, no matter what stage they are in. I highly recommend Compassionate Leaders Circle to anyone looking to pursue their ‘soul work’ and follow their dreams.”

Karen Radtke – Senior Level Culture Consultant, Team & Leadership Coach

“Every conversation I have with Laurel Donnellan gives me the experience of being seen, heard, and known! If I get off track in pursuit of manifesting the career of my dreams, Laurel reminds me of what I care most about so I can get refocused. She offers a valuable and trusted resource that offers a structured and inspired approach for those times when it is time for a career shift.”

Martel Catalano – Not-For-Profit Founder 

“This program shines a bright light on what it means to educate yoga teachers on the things that are often overlooked during a yoga teacher training. This was a great resource to me along my journey of defining and refining my personal and professional goals.”

Aurelia Chaudagne – Life and Career Coach Paris, France

“Laurel creates a warm and safe atmosphere in the group. Overall, I had a great experience: I felt inspired, acquired new tools, and practiced new skills I used to develop both professionally and personally.”