Whether through one of our programs or projects, our clients made time to reflect on their past, discuss their present & plan for their best future.  Their journeys will inspire your own quest for finding a purpose, developing leadership skills or honing your coaching technique.

Pivot with Purpose Stories

Debbie Eck – EDTech Executive

“The Pivot with Purpose program experience was life-changing. It was led by knowledgeable and talented coaches that truly exemplify “compassionate leadership”. Going through this journey with all of the wonderful people that were part of the cohort was an unexpected bonus. And ultimately, the results I gained from the program were more than worthwhile.”

Barbara Novak – Transformational Life Coach

“Through active engagement in Pivot with Purpose’s workbook exercises, online course participation and peer partner sharing I became clear about and reignited my passions, identified my vision, and began to create a plan for moving forward. Laurel and Kelly are wonderful, supportive and insightful facilitators. I highly recommend this program.”

Cayser Walford – Sales Leader

“I have been able to peel some layers within myself by taking this program. I was able to tap into some of my passions that have been made dormant due to adulthood.”

Beth Levin –  Hospitality Professional 

“Most people just cannot go through a big change and/or major shift alone. Nice to feel supported, encouraged to think outside the lines and be held accountable to make your life what you want or dreamed it could be. A diverse group of souls all connected by our time spent far above Cayuga’s waters. Reassuring to know that one is not alone while searching during their journey to career and life enlightenment. Despite different backgrounds, locations, interests and generations we all came together for a common goal and cheered each other on. Totally worth taking the course to make you ask yourself the hard questions and spring you into action and with a plan.”

Kate Mashburn – Financial Accountant

“The program facilitated my transition from working at a job that stressed me out to having one with normal working hours, better health and more time to have the life I now love. Without the program, I would probably be working in the same field, working for different people and having the same stresses.”

Steve Rocco – CFO, ByFusion PBC

“I knew where I wanted my career to go. I needed to double check that what I wanted was my soul work. And it was. The visualizations and homework helped reinforce my position. I kept getting the same answers. The course didn’t make me do it. It made me keep doing it!”

Debera Johnson – Founder, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator

“[I made the] decision to leave my job & reinvent myself. [The program] is a fresh way of looking at who I am & the common threads that weave my choices together.”

Jessica Berg – Non-Profit Leader / Solution-Finder

“I felt very stuck in my previous career(s) – my jobs felt close to what I was supposed to be doing, but everything I tried was “not quite right. The program helped me most by helping me to get clear on what I wanted and helped me to stop saying yes to things thing I knew deep down that I didn’t want. It helped me to take appropriate risks to get to the next place in my career. It helped me to let go of the “judgment rats” so that I could focus on my truth.”

Briana Clement – Healing Arts Practitioner

“I was lost! I had been let go from my corporate job. I knew I did not want to just go out & get another office job… Through the program I learned to: 1) take the skills I’ve already developed, 2) keep to what I know best, 3) create a path all-my-own based on my passions and life experiences, 4) know that I have all I need to start my soul work right now!”

Michael Ledbetter – Health & Wellness Publishing Executive

“I had a need to get connected with others. The [program] sounded like something that could get me to start thinking outside of my comfort zone where I felt I had been operating for too long. I wanted to use my skills and abilities – to channel them somewhere else – into a different career. As a direct result of the classwork…[I] was able to realize that I could be selective, very picky, about my next career move. I just had to believe it.”

Trish Balbert – Ph.D Psychology

“Being a (usually) passionate person, I knew that something was “off” when it came to a career in acting. I loved collaborating & performing, but I had no drive to pursue the business. The program allowed me to discover things about myself, my family, & my belief system that I never would have realized otherwise. It also helped me to healthily grieve my “former life” in order to move towards a more fulfilling present reality.”

Harold Higgins – Artist

“[I took the program] to learn about work, my experience of it, from a different perspective. It helped me realize to have supreme confidence in yourself. If you have that everything else will fall into place … and the jobs will come.”

Stan Wiencko – TV & Film Production

“[The course] was helpful because it sparked something inside me & I was able to go inward a lot. It took me out of what I think I’m supposed to be doing & brought me to more of what I want to be doing, who I want to be. It got me out of my head & more into my heart.”

Alicia Jones – Entrepreneur

“A few years ago, I started my own graphic design business & learned what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Although I enjoyed having my own business, I was not passionate about the work. I felt something was missing. The program helped me to create a vision for my life, which enabled me to discover my true passions – health & holistic healing.”


Raquel Krouse – Consultant

“I have always been committed to my own personal growth and was looking for a new challenge and direction in my career. [The program] strengthened my notion that I was already on the right career path, helped me set new goals & gave me a sharper focus for the future.”

Compassionate Leadership Stories

Alastair Onglingswan – Founder, Green Soul Shoes

“The problem with my life was that I was so busy but I lacked purpose, I lacked a clear path to where I wanted to go. The way the program is designed – looking at your past, your present, your future – is so beautifully done.”

Rob Lederer – Entrepreneur

“I wanted a plan to keep working on my business & growing it. The program helped to talk about what it’s really possible to do so. Consider that it might indeed be possible. Don’t let yourself be talked out of it by your inner voices of negativity. Take a risk and go for it!”

Katelyn Johnson – Mission-driven Thought Leader

“Laurel is an intuitive coach who is able to help her clients dig deep within themselves to build the careers and lives that bring them the most joy. My work with Laurel helped me define my professional values, organize my dreams into actionable plans, and encouraged me to bring my whole self to any work that I do. Laurel is supportive, direct, and able to help her clients make their dreams a reality.”

Mark Anthony Lord  – Sr. Minister at Unity Of Naples Church

“Laurel Donnellan is an exceptional coach. In a very short time she helped me get clarity on my purpose and goals, and from there new job opportunities started revealing themselves. Laurel listens and hears what’s not being said. Laurel is compassionate and kind while at the same time clear and honest. I felt seen and greatly supported by Laurel. In my opinion, she’s absolutely one of the best!”

Wendy Fleischer – Consultant

“I did not even know I needed all that Laurel had to offer! She is generous, flexible and full of resources and ideas. Laurel is always supportive and also gently pushes when that is needed. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Carlo A. DeMaio  – An Author. A Leader. A “Doer”

“Laurel is no ordinary person or coach, in fact, she is an extraordinary person and an extraordinary coach. She is a business coach who takes the time and cares to explore the entire person, not just the business person. She uses a combination of techniques to take you on an extensive journey to understand your roots, examine yourself, your creativity, your experience and envision where you’re going. She has a system, a system that I believe is foolproof. With faith and work, Laurel was able to guide me, open my mind and lead me on my own path to discovery. She is kind-hearted, compassionate, no-nonsense, knowledgeable, and has a keen business sense.”

Marti Konstant, MBA Founder, Workplace Futurist and Author

“Insightful, yet willing to challenge me regarding my limiting assumptions as I launched a new career as an author, speaker, career growth analyst, and consultant, Laurel helped me expand into and claim my new roles.”

Dr. Ruthann Russo, TEDx Speaker, and Sustainable Self-care Programs and Trainings

“I have worked with Laurel as an executive and life coach as well as a trusted advisor. Not only is she creative, caring, and highly skilled at navigating her coachee through major life changes, her knowledge of entrepreneurialism, business development, marketing and product development is impressive! She is a selfless guide who brings out the best in her clients.”

Eileen Higgins – Candidate for Miami-Dade County Commissioner 

“Laurel is an amazing, inspiring coach who knows how to help executives explore new paths to find meaning in their work. She asked me to deeply evaluate the values that guide and inspire me. Who knew that that would lead me down a path from executive corporate leadership to serving as a locally elected official? Change is satisfying.”

Dan Spadaro, Vice President at Wells Fargo

Working with Laurel as she coached me through exploring new career possibilities was a great experience. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and contacts across all types of organizations and businesses helped me progress on my new career exploration much faster than I would have thought possible. She is an amazing listener and always had a constructive suggestion that often yielded a path to me that I hadn’t considered, again, helping me progress through a very thorough analysis of my career options and opportunities to reinvent myself. I truly believe that Laurel’s success in working with clients like myself stems from her love for partnering with people to find their best self. Her passion for doing great work and the best for her clients is evident in every interaction with her. I highly recommend her.

Sam Winstanley, Experienced Content Strategist & Product Manager

Laurel is a fantastic coach and facilitator and all around amazing human being. Her focus on action and progress coupled with her enthusiasm and ability to turn her experience and knowledge towards any situation or problem is refreshing and direct. I cannot recommend Laurel any higher for any operational, organizational or people-focused projects – just don’t take up all her time, we’re still working together!

Marc Lauritano, Seasoned Mental Health Treatment and Clinical Research Team Member 

July 25, 2011, Marc was a client of Laurel’s

I was a client working with Derek Hansen, one of Laurel’s certified coaches. This a great program and approach to coaching.

Jayne Gumpel LCSW, Psychotherapist and Consultant

Some of us of us have had the experience of meeting someone forthe first time and understanding instantly that we have met agenius, a creative wizard and a kind person through and through.Try it! Meet Laurel and transform your business and your life withher guidance, humor and intelligence.

Compassionate Coaching Stories

Crystal Kadakia, Future of Work & Millennial TEDx Speaker. MSOD. Organization Development Consultant. Workplace Culture for a Digital Age

Laurel takes coaching to a new level – I’ve had the privilege of being her client as well as working with her. She is a great teacher with terrific vision and insight. She is creating a fantastic organization that truly values authenticity and benefits organizations and individuals, no matter what stage they are in. I highly recommend Compassionate Leaders Circle to anyone looking to pursue their ‘soul work’ and follow their dreams.

Karen Radtke Senior Level Culture Consultant, Team & Leadership Coach

Every conversation I have with Laurel Donnellan gives me the experience of being seen, heard and known! If I get off track in pursuit of manifesting the career of my dreams, Laurel reminds me of what I care most about so I can get refocused. She offers a valuable and trusted resource that offers a structured and inspired approach for those times when it is time for a career shift.

Kelly Dwyer, Master Coach

“The Coaching Skills program was extremely accessible. The structured format continues to make it easy for me to approach a coaching session with confidence and seamlessly blend yoga and coaching in a dynamic and beneficial way. The program is a fantastic investment of time and money – I highly recommend it!”

Caroline McCann –  Yoga Teacher

Compassionate Coaching Skills helped me to continue on a path of personal and professional growth. After my 200-Hour Teacher Training, I was eager to continue on the path of spiritual growth and focus my energy on effectively carrying out a career teaching yoga – without the risk of burnout. The program helped me to identify what to work on to continue on an upward trajectory in my life’s work as a yoga teacher.”

Martel Catalano- Not-For-Profit Founder 

“This program shines a bright light on what it means to educate yoga teachers on the things that are often overlooked during a yoga teacher training. This was a great resource to me along my journey of defining and refining my personal and professional goals.”

Aurelia Chaudagne – Life and Career Coach Paris, France

“Laurel creates a warm and safe atmosphere in the group. Overall, I had a great experience: I felt inspired, acquired new tools, and practiced new skills I used to develop both professionally and personally.”