Special Series: Pivot with Compassion Circles

Let’s enhance our collective morale, refocus and relieve stress and anxiety.

Now is the time for us to come together, acknowledge where we are, focus on where we want to go…and learn practices to help us get there. Compassion is the antidote for fear.

FREE, daily 60-minute group coaching sessions until April 30th!

Coaching, contemplative practice and curriculum are pillars of our work. Receive support from expert coaches to help you navigate the new normal and create sustainable practices.

Sessions begin on Thursday, March 26, 2020 @ 11AM ET. Session leaders will vary.


You can participate in as many, or as few, of the sessions that you want! We are here to support you. Register and you will receive a Zoom link that will access every session!


  • Increase personal capacity and resilience
  • Build engagement with others using compassion as fuel
  • Enhance prioritization ability amidst rapidly changing landscape

Who We Are

Compassionate Leaders Circle offers career accelerator, compassionate leadership and coaching skill development curriculum to corporations and institutions of higher learning across the US. Balancing compassion for others with self-compassion is foundational to our approach for creating highly effective professional development programs. With a vision for a compassionate world where we are all valued and celebrated for our humanity, dreams, differences and ingenuity, Compassionate Leaders Circle serves clients by leveraging a cadre of experienced coaches, organizational and leadership development practitioners across the country with 100+ years of industry experience. The Pivot with Compassion curriculum was developed after the 9/11 tragedy to help people navigate through crisis and change.

Clients and Partners