Compassionate Leaders Circle programs provide navigation through a purposeful career change, transformation to compassionate leadership mastery or professional compassionate coaching skills. We integrate proven curriculum, evidence-based coaching and contemplative practices to help you achieve the best results.

Navigation through purposeful career change.
  • Maximized clarity and confidence
  • New options and a clear purpose/vision for work
  • A practical plan for sustainable and remarkable work
  • Less stress, anxiety, and overwhelm
  • More resilience
  • Improved communication skills
  • Mastery of the proven Donnellan Method principles and practices
Transformation to compassionate leadership mastery.
  • Tools for creating a sustainable and remarkable work culture
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, overwhelm
  • Improved communication skills and emotional intelligence
  • Ability to organize your priorities and relationships
  • Ownership of personal and professional ethics
  • An ability to better use compassion and self-compassion as a leader
Cultivation of professional compassionate coaching skills.
  • Preparation to coach or mentor professionally using the best evidence-based techniques
  • Ability to employ the 7Cs – Core Compassionate Coaching Competencies
  • Confidence to coach effectively
  • Application of Compassionate Leaders Circle’s Compassionate Coaching Framework
  • Understanding of The Donnellan Methods for personal and professional change

Our effective programs are:

  • Creative – We approach careers and life chapters from the inside out
  • Holistic– Addresses personal and professional challenges and goals
  • Integrative – Blends evidence-based curriculum, coaching and contemplative practices
  • Adaptive – Supports career/job changers, professional coaches and leaders through transitions, change and development
  • Flexible – Programs are customized to the needs of our clients to accommodate technology and communication preferences, learning style and scheduling restraints

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