Pivot with Purpose Women's Retreat: Personal | Private |Powerful

It’s 2020!

You’ve attained success in your career, you’ve built a business, and/or you’ve raised a family, but something is missing. There is something inside you that feels as though you have not been true to yourself. There is a piece of you that has not been fulfilled. You have achieved success at your own expense. You are ready for change!

Now, it’s your turn. Join us for a luxury weekend where you will be pampered, while exploring your true passions and desires for your future. Are you ready to pivot out of one career into another? Are you burnt out and need a career break to recharge and reframe your future? Do you want to experiment with your creative side? Or, do you want to go back to school to pursue that one passion you’ve never had time or courage to do?

When working together with others, we can do anything. So, let’s do this together. It is never too late to make a change to become your best you. Within a small, like minded group of women, let us help you to go beyond your wildest dreams and help you to zero-in on your deepest desires to bring your whole self to your life now.

When you leave this relaxing week-end you will have a plan for you to go forward and put yourself first for 2020 and beyond.

Let’s bring warmth and light to a grey, chilly winter weekend by coming together at this cozy, luxury retreat in Montauk, NY – the Gurney’s. A place where all your needs (diet, exercise, spa, mindfulness) will be taken care of in support of your multi-day focus on your deepest desires for your life going forward.

Beginning with first coaching session

Friday, February 28, 2020 at XX:XX am/pm through Sunday, March 1, 2020 at XX:XX am/pm

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Two, senior life/career coaches – Laurel Donnellan and Jaye Smith – will gently take you through a (2.5 or) three-day process, which will support your efforts to uncover your desires, goals, purpose and meaning in your life and your career. You will also be reminded through current teaching of self-compassion and self-care.

COACHING* Session (pre-retreat)




COACHING* SESSION (post-retreat)

COACHING* – There are two, two-hour coaching sessions included in retreat package (or four hours of coaching?)

[Before laying out any other parts of the package, i.e., LinkedIn, Spa, etc., I think it would be better to see the actual schedule of events to see how any of other stuff can be stitched in. Rather than just throwing amenity-type stuff at them as part of the offer, ya know. I think you want this package to be as intimately/personally curated as possible, where they don’t need to make but a few minor decisions. That’s the value. They want to feel like you are going to solve all their problems in one weekend, even though they and we know it’s an illusion that’s not going to happen in one weekend. But sometimes it’s a way of starting for them. Because once they get started they’ll see they can do this for themselves with the support of other like-minded women. Make sense?]

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