Pivot with Purpose: Group Program starts October 6, 2020

Group Program starts October 6, 2020

Our Director of Learning, Kelly Dwyer, introduces Pivot with Purpose

Do you want to launch or accelerate a new career chapter or build your legacy? Join our eight-week live online Career Accelerator.

Finding a path that speaks to the truest expression of you, requires a plan. We’ll help you integrate your spirit with your work for a brighter livelihood.

You will gain:

  • Maximized clarity and confidence
  • New options and a clear purpose/vision for work
  • A practical plan for sustainable and remarkable work
  • Less stress, anxiety, and overwhelm
  • Practical project related to soul work
  • More resilience
  • Improved communication skills
  • Mastery of the proven Donnellan Method principles and practices


“The program facilitated my transition from working at a job that stressed me out to having one with normal working hours, better health and more time to have the life I now love.

Kate Mashburn – Financial Accountant

“Most people just cannot go through a big change and/or major shift alone. Nice to feel supported, encouraged to think outside the lines and be held accountable to make your life what you want or dreamed it could be.”

beth Levin – hospitality professional

Program includes: 

  • Pre and post-assessments to identify strengths, challenges, and measure your progress: $100
  • Weekly 90-minute live online group classes: $947
  • Set of 12 audio visualizations: $50
  • Private WhatsApp group to communicate to participants and your coaches: $200
  • Expert tips, tricks, resources and advice: $200
  • Online support from your coach between sessions: $250
  • Companion workbook shipped to participants: $250
  • Class videos available for missed sessions and to have in your library of tools FOREVER: $500

Total value : $2497

Discounted price for this session only: $997

Our approach:

Work directly with two CLC coaches in this group, who’ll guide you through all 12 proprietary modules. Learn how the past has shaped your ideas around work. Assess your current routine; refine what’s working, unload what’s not. Uncover keys to your future spiritual and financial success.  Your coach is with you every step of the way to help you align what you do with what you value.

Pivot with Purpose: Career Accelerator

Love your work. Love your life.

Online program total value: $2597

Discounted price: $997

Flex Pay: 3 Payments of $397


“Whether through one of our programs or projects, our clients made time to reflect on their past, discuss their present & plan for their best future.  Their journeys will inspire your own quest for finding a purpose, developing leadership skills or honing your coaching technique.”

Debbie Eck – EDTech Executive

“The program facilitated my transition from working at a job that stressed me out to having one with normal working hours, better health and more time to have the life I now love. Without the program, I would probably be working in the same field, working for different people and having the same stresses.”

Steve Rocco – managing director, ground_Up project


Program modules include live coaching, a proven curriculum, and contemplative practices designed to help you do what you were born to do. We have taught this program to Cornell University alumni in partnership with the SC Johnson Graduate School of Business

Meet Your Faculty: 

Laurel Donnellan, Lead Facilitator

As the founder of Compassionate Leaders Circle, Laurel has spent 20 years developing and validating her career transformation method that is the foundation for Cornell’s Pivot with Purpose Program. She is an author, executive coach and consultant working with individuals and businesses including Toyota, Disney, Viacom, and Facebook. She has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. In addition to her formal education, she has immersed herself in learning the ancient Native American Vision Quest tradition and is a certified yoga instructor through the Omega Institute. Laurel specializes in compassionate career, leadership and organizational development that improves engagement and has designed curriculum for corporate universities, schools, an ashram and a prison. She has published several books including Born To Do: The Practical Guide To Loving Your Work, has been featured on NPR and is a contributor at Forbes.com where she writes about Compassionate Leadership. To learn more about Laurel go to her  LinkedIn Profile or set up a FREE 30-minute Coaching Session.

Kelly Dwyer, Guest Speaker


Kelly leverages more than 20 years of cross-functional business & leadership experience, multiple career transition experiences, her talent as a coach & teacher, as well as her gift of holding space for a client’s transformation. Career highlights include founding & running a successful outdoor yoga adventures company, being a part of three venture-funded technology companies who had successful exits (1 acquisition and 2 IPOs), serving as a Fund Manager for BRVentures (Cornell’s venture capital fund), working in Nepal as a strategy consultant, participating in Lululemon’s 2003 launch in the US, & guiding others as a yoga teacher. Kelly has been a career coach since 2005, she holds an MBA from Cornell University, & she is a certified yoga instructor. Currently, she works as a wellness and career coach at Bright Livelihoods, General Assembly, LIFE XT. To learn more about Kelly go to her  LinkedIn Profile or set up a FREE 30-minute Coaching Session.


Class One: Objective Setting and Program Launch

  • Pre-assessment
  • Your story and dreams
  • Customized personal and professional learning objectives
  • Clarification of the vision for coaching program outcomes
  • Logistics, materials and resources
  • Completion requirements
  • Assignments

Class Two and Three: Courage, Faith, Awareness and Truth

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Learn a new language for finding and following Soul Work and Bridge Work, if needed
  • Learn how to access and activate more courage
  • Identify how to develop a deeper sense calm though personal practices
  • Pause and retrace your history so you can learn from your past
  • Create a better mindset for change

Class Four and Five: Balance, Love, Abundance and Authenticity

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Identify ways to strengthen your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health
  • One-to-one coaching demonstration and practice: Health/Wellness
  • Expand and improve your personal and professional support network
  • Create new practices to improve financial sustainability
  • Identify and develop your passions and talents

Class Six and Seven: Creativity, Integrity, Vision and Commitment 

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Identify all of your options for sustainable work including ideal jobs, ideal companies, business ideas, freelance ideas, remote work, portfolio careers, etc.
  • Create a purpose statement for all the hats you wear in life and at work
  • Clarify your vision for Soul Work and Bridge Work
  • Create a comprehensive plan for putting your purpose into practice while supporting yourself financially

Class Eight: Update and Wrap  

  • Review personal and professional learning objectives
  • Update of your commitment plan
  • Get additional resources and support
  • Post-assessment and progress
  • Appreciation and next steps


How is this program different from other programs out there?

Our approach for a career change has been applied with thousands of successful clients since 2004 and our method is:

  • Creative – We approach careers and life chapters from the inside out
  • Holistic– Addresses personal and professional challenges and goals
  • Integrative – Blends evidence-based curriculum, coaching and contemplative practices
  • Adaptive – Supports career/job changers, professional coaches and leaders through transitions, change and development
  • Flexible – Programs are customized to the needs of our clients to accommodate technology and communication preferences, learning style and scheduling restraints

What is the format of the online training?

The class will run for 8 weeks, taking place on Tuesdays from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm PT, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm ET, each week. The program is broadcast live through zoom, Participants will be able to review videos of classes if they miss a live class or choose to work at their own pace as an option instead of attending live.

Class materials, discussions and homework will be posted each week on the Private Facebook group. You are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible, but you will also reap the benefits of the class if you listen to the recordings and do the assignments in your own time.

Will I have one-on-one access to Kelly and Laurel?

The course itself provides many opportunities to interact with Laurel including the weekly class sessions and the private LinkedIn group and one-hour private coaching. If you are interested in an additional coaching session with Kelly or Laurel, please email us at kellydwyercoach@gmail.com or laureldonnellan@gmail.com and we will be happy to arrange one-to-one work.

How many hours of work are required to complete the training? Is there homework?

There are eight class sessions, 90 minutes each, for a total of twelve hours of group class time.  To translate the material from theoretical to actionable for your own personal situation, we include homework assignments along the way.  You should plan for at least one to two hours a week outside of class, but those assignments can also be completed at your own pace.

How do I know this is the right solution for me?

If you identify with one of these seven Pivots with Purpose Types and are ready to make changes, this program is for you:

  1. Learner: You need a change but do not have a clear vision for what is next.
  2. Liker: You like your job or role, but you want to love it.
  3. Leaper: You want to change jobs and/or companies or are in a job search.
  4. Lancer: You want to start or grow a freelance career.
  5. Launcher: You want to start or grow a division, business or organization.
  6. Leaver: You want to focus on your legacy. (succession, mentoring, retirement, volunteering, etc.)
  7. Linker: You are committed to a vision for what is next which includes integrating two or more of the above types.

Do I have life-long access to the material I am given as part of the online courses?

Yes, you will be able to access the materials and recordings through the private LinkedIn Group.

How do I become a Compassionate Leaders Circle Coach?

Our coaches are all trained in our methodology, the Compassionate Coaching Framework™, and have expertise in a one or more of these areas:

  • Compassionate Leadership
  • Purpose/Vision
  • Love/Relationships
  • Health/Wellness
  • Career/Business

If you are interested in being part of our freelance team, a prerequisite to the application process is to register and fully participate in our online training program, Pivot with Purpose.  After you complete the course you can learn more about our application and selection process by contacting laureldonnellan@gmail.com.

The class has limited enrollment.

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Pivot with Purpose: Career Accelerator

Love Your Work. Love Your Life.

Online program total value: $2597

Discounted price: $997

Flex Pay: 3 Payments of $397


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