Pivot with Purpose Career Accelerator Launches October 12th

It has been a great honor to help people ask and answer the question, “What was I born to do?” and then, make it a reality. Join this amazing learning community to clarify your own vision and design a practical career plan that speaks to your heart.


Learn from experts to ignite the next phase of your professional life. If not now, when?

Celebrated author and CEO, Laurel Donnellan and her team take you deep into the unique, research-based change models that help people like you discover the type of work they love. Laurel has carefully constructed this fast-paced, interactive, and popular online course for the times we find ourselves in right now.

Learn more from Kelly Dwyer, Director of Learning:

Katelyn Johnson, Executive Director, BlackRoots Alliance

This work helped me define my professional values and organize my dreams into actionable plans.

Dan Guerra, Psy.D., Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, World-Traveler

I was grateful to be able to develop a clear vision and action plan for my next work steps.

Campbell Rightmyer Bego, PhD, PE
Engineering Researcher

I was able to identify and make a plan to pursue a sustainable and fulfilling career path.

Alastair Onglingswan, Attorney and Entrepreneur

I was busy but I lacked purpose and a clear path to where I wanted to go. This beautifully designed program got me focused on my dreams.

Renee Pindus, MBA Candidate at NYU Stern School of Business

I had been stuck in a job that was wearing me down, and I didn’t know where to go, who to turn to, or what my life’s trajectory would be. Thankfully, I found this program.

Crystal Kadakia, Organizational Change Leader, 2-Time TEDx Speaker. Author

I highly recommend Compassionate Leaders Circle to anyone looking to pursue their ‘soul work’ and follow their dreams.


I needed to double check that what I thinking about as a career shift was actually my soul work. And it was!


The Pivot with Purpose program experience was life-changing and led by knowledgeable and talented coaches.


The program allowed me to discover things about myself, my family, & my belief system that I never would have realized otherwise.

Our proven approach has been in practice for over 24 years and will help you make real progress by improving your clarity and confidence so you can take practical actions.

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Special Stimulus Price: $997 (Value $2497)

Flex Pay: 3 payments of $367

We have honed our approach in partnership with our clients and top-tier business schools.


Laurel Donnellan, Founder and CEO

Author | Career Development Thought Leader | Podcaster | Executive Coach | Leadership Contributor at Forbes.com

Kelly Dwyer, Director of Learning

Entrepreneur | Facilitator | Career and Executive Coach | MBA | Author | Well-being Expert | Yoga Instructor

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Special Stimulus Price: $997 (Value $2497)

Flex Pay: 3 payments of $367

Design and Details

Program modules include live coaching, a proven curriculum, and contemplative practices designed to help you do what you were born to do.

Class One: Objective Setting and Program Launch

  • Pre-assessment
  • Your story and dreams
  • Customized personal and professional learning objectives
  • Logistics, materials and resources
  • Completion requirements
  • Assignments

Class Two and Three: Courage, Faith, Awareness and Truth

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Learn a new language for finding and following Soul Work and Bridge Work
  • Learn how to access and activate more courage
  • Identify how to develop a deeper sense calm though personal practices
  • Retrace your history so you can learn from your past
  • Create a better mindset for change

Class Four and Five: Balance, Love, Abundance and Authenticity

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Identify ways to strengthen your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health
  • One-to-one coaching demo for Health/Wellness
  • Expand your personal and professional support network
  • Create new practices to improve financial sustainability
  • Identify and develop your passions and talents

Class Six and Seven: Creativity, Integrity, Vision and Commitment 

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Identify all of your options for sustainable work including ideal jobs, ideal companies, business ideas, freelance ideas, remote work, portfolio careers, etc.
  • Create a purpose statement for all the hats you wear in life and at work
  • Clarify your vision
  • Create a comprehensive plan for putting your purpose into practice while supporting yourself financially

Class Eight: Update and Wrap

  • Present final projects related to your soul work
  • Review personal and professional learning objectives
  • Update of your commitment plan
  • Get additional resources and support
  • Post-assessment and progress
  • Appreciation and next steps

More details:

  • We broadcast on Zoom, Tuesdays from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm PT, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm ET
  • The live program launches on October 12th and completes on December 7th (No class on November 23rd)
  • If you miss a class or choose to go at your own pace you can review videos, get assignments, and communicate to your facilitators through a private LinkedIn group.
  • You should plan for at least one to two hours a week outside of class, but those assignments can also be completed at your own pace.

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Special Stimulus Price: $997 (Value $2497)

Flex Pay: 3 payments of $367

Sign up today!