Pivot with Purpose: Online Learning Experience Launches on March 24, 2021

What do past participants say?

Special Q1 2021 Stimulus Price: $997

Flex Pay: 3 payments of $367

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What will I gain?

In this empowering, interactive and fast paced course, you will identify your own, unique and clear vision for the career you’re meant to have and prepare you to achieve it.

Celebrated author and CEO, Laurel Donnellan and her team take you deep into the unique,
research-based change models that help people like you discover the type of work they love. Laurel has carefully constructed this popular online course for the times we find ourselves in right now. Learn from experts to ignite the next phase of your professional life.

By the end of the eight-week course, you will have identified a new vision for purposeful work, for the exact, right fit for your career path. You will have created a practical project plan for moving forward. Your confidence, resilience, and clarity will soar. You will have traveled this lightened, heart-centered, and soulful journey learning techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

If not now, when?

Learn about this program from Kelly Dwyer, Director of Learning

What’s included?

  • Pre and post-assessments to identify strengths, challenges, and measure your progress: $250
  • Weekly 90-minute live online group classes: $1647
  • Weekly expert tips, tricks, resources and advice: $200
  • Online support from your coach between sessions: $250
  • Companion workbook shipped to participants: $250
  • Curated resources for soul searching, job searching and business launching: FREE
  • Set of 12 audio visualizations: FREE
  • Private LinkedIn group to communicate to participants and your coaches: FREE
  • Class videos available for missed sessions and to have in your library of tools FOREVER: FREE
  • Normal Price: $2597

Special Q1 2021 Stimulus Price: $997

Flex Pay: 3 payments of $367

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Is this the right program for me?

If you identify with one of these Pivot with Purpose Types, this program was designed for you:

  1. Learner: You need a change but do not have a clear vision for what is next.
  2. Liker: You like your job or role, but you want to love it.
  3. Leaper: You want to change jobs and/or companies or are in a job search.
  4. Lancer: You want to start or grow a freelance career.
  5. Launcher: You want to start or grow a division, business or organization.
  6. Leaver: You want to focus on your legacy. (succession, mentoring, retirement, volunteering, etc.)
  7. Linker: You are committed to a vision for what is next which includes integrating two or more of the above types.

How does it work?

  • The program runs for eight weeks or you can do it at your own pace.
  • We broadcast on Zoom, Wednesdays from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm PT, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm ET
  • The live program launches on March 24th and completes on May 12th
  • If you miss a class or choose to go at your own pace you can review videos, get assignments, and communicate to your facilitators through a private LinkedIn group.
  • You should plan for at least one to two hours a week outside of class, but those assignments can also be completed at your own pace.

What is the impact?  

Program modules include live coaching, a proven curriculum, and contemplative practices designed to help you do what you were born to do. Our proven approach has been in practice for over 20 years and will help you make real progress by improving your clarity and confidence so you can take practical actions. Since early 2019, we have taught and honed our approach in partnership with top tier business schools Including Cornell and the University of Denver.

Who are the facilitators?

Laurel Donnellan, Lead Facilitator

As the founder of Compassionate Leaders Circle, Laurel has spent 20 years developing and validating her career transformation method that is the foundation for Cornell’s Pivot with Purpose Program. She is an author, executive coach and consultant working with individuals and businesses including Toyota, Disney, Viacom, and Facebook. She has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. In addition to her formal education, she has immersed herself in learning the ancient Native American Vision Quest tradition and is a certified yoga instructor through the Omega Institute. Laurel specializes in compassionate career, leadership and organizational development that improves engagement and has designed curriculum for corporate universities, schools, an ashram and a prison. She has published several books including Born To Do: The Practical Guide To Loving Your Work, has been featured on NPR and is a contributor at Forbes.com where she writes about Compassionate Leadership. To learn more about Laurel go to her  LinkedIn Profile or set up a FREE 30-minute Coaching Session.

Tracy has more than 20 years of operations and project management experience working in multiple industries including hospitality, manufacturing and higher ed. She is a natural organizer and thrives in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. She earned her bachelor’s degree at UC San Diego and proceeded to find work all over the country. Starting in Hawaii, making her way to New York and eventually settling on the west coast, she now resides in Reno, NV with her husband and two children. Tracy has a passion for the arts and self-development, which she infuses into her work as one of our certified coaches. LinkedIn Profile

  • BA, Art History, University of California, San Diego
  • Certified coach
  • Operations and organizational expert

What is the Curriculum?

Class One: Objective Setting and Program Launch

  • Pre-assessment
  • Your story and dreams
  • Customized personal and professional learning objectives
  • Clarification of the vision for coaching program outcomes
  • Logistics, materials and resources
  • Completion requirements
  • Assignments

Class Two and Three: Courage, Faith, Awareness and Truth

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Learn a new language for finding and following Soul Work and Bridge Work, if needed
  • Learn how to access and activate more courage
  • Identify how to develop a deeper sense calm though personal practices
  • Pause and retrace your history so you can learn from your past
  • Create a better mindset for change

Class Four and Five: Balance, Love, Abundance and Authenticity

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Identify ways to strengthen your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health
  • One-to-one coaching demonstration and practice: Health/Wellness
  • Expand and improve your personal and professional support network
  • Create new practices to improve financial sustainability
  • Identify and develop your passions and talents

Class Six and Seven: Creativity, Integrity, Vision and Commitment 

  • Assignments and progress review
  • Identify all of your options for sustainable work including ideal jobs, ideal companies, business ideas, freelance ideas, remote work, portfolio careers, etc.
  • Create a purpose statement for all the hats you wear in life and at work
  • Clarify your vision for Soul Work and Bridge Work
  • Create a comprehensive plan for putting your purpose into practice while supporting yourself financially

Class Eight: Update and Wrap  

  • Review personal and professional learning objectives
  • Update of your commitment plan
  • Get additional resources and support
  • Post-assessment and progress
  • Appreciation and next steps

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Special Q1 2021 Stimulus Price: $997

Flex Pay: 3 payments of $367

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