Compassionate Leaders Circle is creating an authentically connected community dedicated to amplifying compassion, clarifying purpose, transforming lives and making a positive impact on the planet.

We partner with organizations and top tier business schools to advance compassionate leadership.

Our proven programs accelerate purposeful career change, facilitate compassionate leadership mastery and provide an effective approach to heart-centered professional coaching conversations.

We customize our programs so organizations can dig deeper into purpose and unleash the potential of their people.

We provide customized online, in-person and blended options for transformation.

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Culture Change

When we work with organizations to activate and amplify compassion at work, we use this process to ensure changes are sustainable:

Education and Research

In 2019 we have provided programs to students, alumni and staff at Cornell University, the University Denver, the University of Pennsylvania and UC, Davis. Since 1990, we have been developing and delivering career, leadership and coaching development programs in partnership with educational institutions.

Our primary research with our partners are based on existing trends and studies that support:

  • Everyone is a leader
  • Compassion fuels positive change
  • Purpose-driven leaders and organizations outperform others
  • Learning and performance are maximized when you integrate curriculum, coaching and contemplative practices
  • The Donnellan Methods accelerate growth and change

Here are some highlights of recent research related to compassion:

  • Companies with purpose & corporate social responsibility outperform S&P 500 peers by 8X *
  • 88% of millennials look for employers with corporate social responsibility values *
  • Compassion positively impacts productivity, employee and customer retention, profitability, and financial performance **
  • Compassion supports strategic advantage in innovation, service quality, collaboration, retaining talented people, employee and customer engagement, and adaptability to change **
  • 91% of leaders surveyed say compassion is very important for leadership and 80% say they want to enhance their compassion but don’t know how ***
  • While empathy can lead to fatigue, compassion can increase our resilience and improve our approach to stressful situations****
* Deloitte: The Rise of Social Enterprise, 2018
** Awakening Compassion at Work: The Quiet Power that Elevates People and Organizations by Monica C. Worline and Jane E. Dutton, 2017
*** Harvard Business Review: Power Can Corrupt Leaders, Compassion Can Save Them, February, 2018
****Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley, 2019


We provide Scholarship Slots on all our group programs – 10% of enrollment is reserved for full-scholarship participants.


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