Masterclass with Laurel: Access Intuition – A Guide to Pivoting with Purpose

Complimentary Livecast Wednesday, October 14th -7:00 pm ET, 4:00 pm PT(or register for replay)

In this empowering, interactive and fast-paced master class , you will access your intuition to create a career/personal vision and a three-point plan to get there. Leave this program with newfound hope, clarity, and momentum.

Celebrated author and CEO, Laurel Donnellan and her team will take you into the unique,
research-based change models that help people, like you, discover the type of work they love. Laurel has carefully constructed this popular master class for the times we find ourselves in right now. Learn from experts to ignite the next phase of your professional life.

Laurel Donnellan, Founder and CEO, Compassionate Leaders Circle

As the founder of Compassionate Leaders Circle, Laurel has spent 20 years developing and validating her career transformation method that is the foundation for Cornell’s Pivot with Purpose Program. She is an author, executive coach and consultant working with individuals and businesses including Toyota, Disney, Viacom, and Facebook. She has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. In addition to her formal education, she has immersed herself in learning the ancient Native American Vision Quest tradition and is a certified yoga instructor through the Omega Institute. Laurel specializes in compassionate career, leadership and organizational development that improves engagement and has designed curriculum for corporate universities, schools, an ashram and a prison. She has published several books including Born To Do: The Practical Guide To Loving Your Work, has been featured on NPR and is a contributor at where she writes about Compassionate Leadership. To learn more about Laurel go to her  LinkedIn Profile or set up a FREE 30-minute Coaching Session.

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