Consulting Career Pivot Panel: Learn How To Transition Up Or Out From Experts

Are you a management consultant pondering your next move?

Join us for an enlightening 60-minutes to learn how to navigate the concerns and challenges that come with a career transition out of consulting.

Gain insight into the right timing, the right opportunity, and the right context from four consultants who finally made the decision to exit. Inform your own decision-making process through the stories and wisdom of those that have come before you. The session includes Q&A with our panelists.


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Pavan Sirpa, Sr VP of Optimization at Manna Pro Products From the manufacturing floor to improving business performance and organizational health.

Pam Spier is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft After eight years in sales and marketing strategy consulting with Lenati, Pam transitioned into building learning platforms at Microsoft.

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Katy Bruening – Director of Strategy at DaVita, West Coast Operations Transitioned from consulting to being the Director of Strategy at DaVita, Inc. in the health care industry.

Ethan Hawkes is CEO and Co-Founder of PlacePass A consistent passion for travel & hospitality, this Exec is now dedicated to providing the ultimate experience.


Kelly leverages more than 20 years of cross-functional business & leadership experience. Her talent as a coach & teacher, as well as her gift of holding space for a client, is transformational. From fund management to strategic consulting to entrepreneurship, Kelly is multi-dimensional and incredibly insightful. She has been a career coach since 2005, holds an MBA from Cornell University and is a certified yoga instructor. Currently, she works as a wellness and career coach at Compassionate Leaders Circle, General Assembly, LIFE XT. To learn more about Kelly go to her  LinkedIn Profile or set up a FREE 30-minute Coaching Session.