Compassionate Leaders of the Year Awards

Our Inaugural Compassionate Leaders of the Year Awards (CLAs) were announced on January 15, 2021. From 141 nominations, eight recipients were chosen to represent all compassionate leaders in six categories. Enjoy learning from these wise, heart-centered leaders in this 30-minute award ceremony:

The Deserving Honorees/Representatives

Arts, Entertainment and Sports: Eduardo Vilaro, New York, NY

Artistic Director and CEO of Ballet Hispanico | Learn more:

Business: Dana Moyer, Papillion, Nebraska

Human Resources Director at Midwest Laboratories | Learn more:

Business: Dr. Pamela Ryan, Australia and Austin, TX

Global Business Impactor, Investor and Author | Learn more:

Community: Kevin Cherep, Chicago, IL

President and CEO, Chicago Youth Centers | Learn more:

Community: Rodney Foxworth, Oakland, CA

CEO at Common Future | Learn more:

Education: Dr. Aric Krause, Hartford, CT

Dean for Academic and Administrative Affairs, Rensselaer’s Polytechnic Institute | Learn more:

Under 25: Duke Mahr, Denver, CO and Manhattan Beach, CA

Student at the Knoebel School of Hospitality Management at University of Denver, Class of 2021 | Learn more:

Special Recognition for 2020: Frontline Healthcare Workers: Dr. Rajeev Fernando, Southampton, NY

Physician specializing in Infectious Disease, Founder/CEO at Chiraj, Philanthropist | Learn more:

Compassionate leaders acknowledge our universal interconnectedness and use their influence to make a positive impact on others and the planet. These leaders are courageous, contemplative, collaborative, and care about the world they will leave behind.

Laurel Donnellan

More than ever, compassion is the most powerful tool to move our world forward. We all know compassionate leaders. We are all born with compassion. And, the good news is compassion can be developed. The Compassionate Leaders Awards (or CLAs) recognize those who LEAD WITH LOVE. The criteria for these awards are The Compassionate Leaders Circle’s Seven Core Attributes (7Cs):

Utilizing these 7C’s we’ll select winners in the following six categories:

  • Arts, Entertainment and Sports
  • Business
  • Community
  • Education
  • Under 25
  • Special Recognition for 2021: Nominator’s Choice

Nominations for 2021 honorees will open on November 15th.  The great work of these compassionate leaders will be featured at and in future episodes of the Compassionate Leaders Circle podcast so we can shine a light on compassion. And we have a great appreciation for Paul Angles his digital marketing agency, Angles, Inc for sponsoring the awards.