Compassionate Leaders Circle Podcast

Welcome to the Compassionate Leaders Circle podcast where we feature compassionate leaders who are making a positive impact on their communities and the world.  For thousands of years, the sages have known that compassion is a powerful force for good. In the last two decades, compassion scholars caught up with these sages proving that there is an ROI to building loving communities and businesses. This podcast features leaders who can teach us about the power of compassion and is hosted by Laurel Donnellan and her team at Compassionate Leaders Circle. Laurel is a founder, author, and contributor covering compassionate leadership at

14: Write a Groundbreaking Leadership Book From The Heart with Laila Tarraf Compassionate Leaders Circle

Laila Tarraf, the Chief People Officer at Allbirds tells the story of how her new book, "Strong Like Water" came to be a reality. She shares how to lead with love through heartbreaks and successes ultimately (after a lot of work) landing in a place that is honest, integrated, and powerful. Her story is soul food for anyone who believes in the power of love and compassionate leadership.
  1. 14: Write a Groundbreaking Leadership Book From The Heart with Laila Tarraf
  2. 13: How to Grow a Compassionate Business and Team with Hayden and Jake Wadsworth
  3. 12: Finding Heros and Democratizing Space Travel with Deborah Sass and Thomas Reemer
  4. 11: Father McShane: Listen with Love to Address Racial Injustice
  5. 10: Tracy Rosensteel: Learn How to Passion Hunt From A Shark Tank Deal Maker
  6. 9: Eduardo Vilaro: Learn The Dance Of Vision Resilience
  7. 8: Jeff Wald: Ponder the Professional Hallway and Purple Politics
  8. 7: Brook Hartnett: Open A Family Wellness Business in 2020
  9. 6: Darryl Brown: Be Bothered Enough to Have Brave Conversations About Racism
  10. 5: Jim Szafranski: Be Yourself As A CEO