We will help you navigate purposeful career change,  develop leadership mastery, or learn professional compassionate coaching skills. Learn about our programs here.

Our Vision:

We see a compassionate world where we are all valued and celebrated for our humanity, dreams, differences, and ingenuity.

Our Purpose:

We are an authentically connected community dedicated to amplifying compassion, clarifying purpose, transforming lives and making a positive impact on the planet.

Our Values:

Courage – We create a safe environment where everyone can take creative risks, express their opinions and live their genius. 

Inclusion – We are working to diversify our team, clients and communities we impact.

Joy – We embrace mindful appreciation, fun and celebration. 

Equity – We know that the world is no longer divided into leaders and followers. Everyone is a leader and has the capacity to be a compassionate leader.

Excellence – We partner with all our stakeholders to continually improve our products and services. We do things well and on time so we can provide exceptional service to our team and members.

Love – We love our work, our clients and our team. Compassion fuels positive change and love fuels compassion.

Sustainability – We support ideas, practices and people that are addressing climate change.