Click Here For Hope: The Class Of 2021 Shares Visions For A Better World

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Meet Duke Mahr, SunnyRose Eaton, Audrey Legate and Eve Anderson, winners of a one-of-a-kind pitch contest. All four are seniors at the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management in the Daniel’s College of Business, University of Denver. “Fritz” is the smallest, yet (in my opinion), the mightiest of the top twenty hotel undergraduate programs in the US. Fritz has a social impact approach to hospitality education that is encapsulated in its motto: Be Bold. Do Good. Change Lives. The school is an incubator for compassionate leaders.

My colleague, Kelly Dwyer and I have the honor of working with the Executive Director, David Corsun, his team and his students on a partnership called Pivot with Purpose, which is an intensive that prepares seniors for the world of work. This year the program was delivered by Zoom instead of in-person as designed as students returned to school to face ever-changing pandemic protocols and a fractured industry.

Because of the unique approach to education, David and his team provide the students were prepared to face these challenges and do deep work. Through experiential exercises, they reviewed their past, paused in the present, developed purpose statements, and created a personalized plan for the future connected to a positive vision for 2030. The program’s capstone project was a “Vision Pitch” where all 32 students presented a glimpse into their backgrounds, passions and gave their ideas for making a better world.

The student participants voted for the best pitches in three categories and here are the inspiring presentations that represent all the good work completed by this class:

1.     Most Courageous (biggest personal risk) – Duke Mahr and SunnyRose Eaton:

2.    Most Entertaining – Audrey Legate

3.    Most Fritz – Eve Anderson

Thank you, Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management Class of 2021, for being brave and providing hope. We need it!

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