Laurel Donnellan Podcast Guest: OnCompassion Mindset with Dr. Nate Podcast with Nate Regier

Dr. Nathan Regier proudly welcomes Laurel Donnellan to today’s episode. Laurel shares some of her vast experience in the field of compassion, highlighting the importance of boundaries and the vulnerability required to be the recipient of a compassionate act. Laurel explains how compassion is for the giver as much as it is for the receiver, being compassionate is intrinsically enjoyable and rewarding. Listen to Laurel and Nate and get some valuable tips about how to bring more compassion to your workplace, starting with a mindful practice of self-compassion. Listen to other episodes of this amazing podcast, OnCompassion with Dr. Nate, and learn more about Nate Regier’s important work related to compassionate leadership here.