Leadership Lancer/Teen Whisperer Shares Her Wisdom

Originally published at Forbes.com.

I recently got the chance to interview Daphne Theotocatos, a career and college placement coach at The Spur, an innovative co-working space here in the Hamptons. I wish every young person contemplating career and school choices could have an advocate like Daphne in their corner as they face this critical and often stressful, process.

Daphne is what we call at Compassionate Leader’s Circle a Lancer, one of seven Pivot Leadership Types because she is using her entrepreneurial spirit to create her own job and her own lifestyle. For Daphne, living by her authentic creative expression has led to great innovation and fulfillment. Daphne identifies as a Lancer because she is growing a freelance business. This segment of the workforce is growing rapidly with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting it to be 36% in 2018 and predicting it to become 50% by 2027. She chooses this path, in part, to better accommodate her schedule as a working mother.

Daphne received her Masters in Education from Stanford University in 1998 and was a teacher for over 15 years before finding her own practice in 2016. After stepping away from teaching to work as a corporate and educational recruiter in New York, she noticed that she missed working with students. That’s how Harbor Educational Consultants came into fruition in 2016, where she combined her extensive teaching background and creativity as she helps students find and pursue their passions. Harbor Educational Consulting advises high school students and their families on the college admission process.

Many of us are aware of the grueling college application process as students and parents/caregivers and having an expert support system during this process is greatly beneficial. That’s where Daphne comes in. She helps students discover who they really are and what they actually want to do academically, personally and professionally. She offers genuine care for each student and their families helping them find their path and paving the way for future compassionate leaders.

We discussed both the challenges and the rewards that come with being your own boss, finding balance, marketing as a freelance worker, and how co-working places like The Spur provide a space for productivity and flexibility without the confinements of an office. You’ll find this interview insightful if you are a parent of teens, run your own freelance business or are contemplating that option for your future work:

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